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'Aphrodite' Lingerie Set


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Species: Fluttering Skyspinner
Class: TBA

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A dragon of high intelligence and even higher flexibility, the Skyspinner is a dragon that only the best of the best can ride. 

Riders of a Skyspinner must have three things: Strong legs, a very good harness, and an iron stomach. These dragons are a sight to behold in the sky, fluttering and flying like a ribbon caught in the wind - or a modern-day rollercoaster. With six wings and long rudder fins to catch the wind, they are near-unparalleled in their flying abilities. 

Their middles set of wings are their main set, being much larger and arguably stronger than the other two sets. Each set of wings can move independently in various patterns, allowing it to have superb control over it’s flight path and velocity. It can also hover arguably as well as a Gronkle can, with it’s head able to keep steady in mid-air no matter what it’s body is doing. It can also fly with only it’s main set of wings very easily, which with a rider it usually does out of courtesy. When necessary however, all wings come into play, and the rider had best hope they hadn’t had anything to eat prior the flight.

Skyspinners come in every color the sky does. Some are dark stormy greys and blacks, with flashes of bright white or yellow like lightning strikes across their scales. Others are gorgeous hues of oranges and pinks, with sploches of twilight blue. Any color the sky has, you can find a Skyspinner in those same colors.

This species of dragon is nearly never seen on the ground. While they do land to nest and raise their young, nearly 90% of the rest of their lives are in the air - another reason why it’s so rare for one to have a rider. They never want to land! They can sleep on the wing, their wings with locking joints, and they sleep with half their brain alert for disturbances or changes in the air pressure. 

Their fire is as beautiful as it is deadly - in every color of the sunset the fire blossoms out in large vibrant clouds that take a while to dissipate, often used as more of a defence than an attack. While their attacker is trying to get out of the burning cloud of flames, the Skyspinner swiftly makes it’s escape.

All of the Skyspinner’s wings double as walking limbs. While it’s winged limbs gives it a very odd gait, it can get around on land well enough. Keeping it’s secondary, larger set of wings folded up, it walks around on the other four limbs, though it is known to be able to switch between limbs when necessary. It can even use all six limbs for walking and crawling up sheer cliffs - but why would they do that when they have so many wings at their disposal?

If a rider does manage to befriend and train a Skyspinner however, they will never see the skies the same way again. These dragons with their high intelligence and vast emotional range are lifelong companions, willing to give up their love of the sky just to spend time on the land with their human riders. However a rider had better get used to long hours in the saddle - these dragons need their exercise, or they get into all sorts of mischief!

Many thanks to Momo and Desy for helping me out with this guy’s design - I’ve spent 2? maybe 3 days on this guy, and I really like how he turned out haha;;; Sorry for the longass writeup on it!

I’m gonna come up with a saddle design for him later, and I really should do something like this for Bandit! This fella might also have his own rider OC, but I’m still fleshing her out.

ALSO PLZ HELP with what class he should be! I have no idea haha;;;

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If you like this list of life hacks, follow ListOfLifeHacks for more like it!

Clever Clothing Life Hacks Part 1 Here

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Buttermilk Vanilla Bean Cupcakes | Sprinkle Bakes

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Well, that was easy.

You just learned 8 Chinese words in the cutest way possible.

When TED speaker ShaoLan Hsueh tried to teach her children Chinese, she realized just how hard it is for new learners to grasp. So she created a series of illustrations to make the beautiful, often complex characters easier to remember. It makes learning Chinese … wait for it … Chineasy.

Try Chineasy for yourself and watch her full talk here »

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All credit goes to the masterpost…posters. Because they’re great people.
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In Case Of Emergency

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I don’t think I can do any of these.

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